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CSI SIG BDA offers program Practitioner Approach to AI & ML in collaboration with NIT Warangal.

Conferences & Workshops

S.NO Program Duration From Date Details Location
01 Workshop 1 day 23-Dec-16 International Workshop on Clinical Data Analytics’ (WCDA 2016) IIPH,HYD
02 Conference 3 day 22-Dec-16 15th International conference on Information Technology IIIT BBSR
03 Workshop 1 day 19-Dec-16 International Workshop on Foundations of Big Data Computing (BigDF) HICC, Hyd.
04 Workshop 2 day 16-Dec-16 Big Data Analytics using R. Register Here JNTUH
05 KNA 2 day 09-Dec-16 ICCEEOT Conference GSSSIETW, Mysuru
06 Workshop 1 day 25-Oct-16 How Big Data & Data Analytics is useful in E-Learning JNTUH
07 FDP 3 day 24-Oct-16 Big Data Analytics Using R Programming NIET
08 Workshop 1 day 03-Oct-16 Bigdata and Different Security Techniques ST.Martin
09 Workshop 3 day 16-July-16 Analytics using R-Programming Language CSI-Hyd
10 FDP 1 day 26-April-16 MapReduce and Hadoop KLU
11 Workshop 1 day 12-April-16 Bigdata and Datawarehousing KLU
12 Seminar 2 day 02-April-16 Overview of Bigdata Analytics Avanthi College

S.NO Program Duration From Date Details Location
01 Convention 2 day 21-March-16 State Annual Student convention with a theme of Big Data and Cloud computing MLRIT
02 FDP 2 day 18-March-16 Analytics in Supply Chain Management KLU,VJY
03 Convention 3 day 29-Dec-15 Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing OU,HYD
04 Convention 1 day 19-Dec-15 ICAI National Convention on Information Technology Baroda
05 Convention 1 day 12-Dec-15 Business Analytics: Insights, Applications, Opportunities GITAM, Vizag
06 Workshop 1 day 11-Nov-15 Big Data Management , Technologies and Applications GNITC, Hyd

S.NO Program Duration From Date Details Location
01 INV TALK 1 day 27-March-15 BigData and its Future. Hyd
02 INV TALK 1 day 25-Feb-15 Big Data technologies and Applications MVSR,HYD
03 FDP 1 day 11-Jan-15 Research Methodologies and Preparation of Research Proposals for BDA CMR,HYD


  1. Cosponsored by SIG
  2. Hosted by SIG
  3. FDP Faculty Development Program
  4. KSS Knowledge Sharing Session
  5. Inv Talk Invited Talk