Calendar For 2016-17

Slno Program Duration From Date Details Location
1 Workshop * 1 day 23-Dec-16 International Workshop on Clinical Data Analytics' (WCDA 2016) IIPH,HYD
2 Conference 3 days 22-Dec-16 15th International conference on Information Technology IIIT BBSR
3 Workshop 1 day 19-Dec-16 International Workshop on Foundations of Big Data Computing (BigDF) HICC, Hyd.
4 Workshop ** 2 days 16-Dec-16 Big Data Analytics using R. Register Here JNTUH
5 KNA 2 days 9-Dec-16 ICCEEOT Conference GSSSIETW, Mysuru
6 Workshop 1 day 25-Oct-16 How Big Data & Data Analytics is useful in E-Learning JNTUH
7 FDP 3 days 24-Oct-16 Big Data Analytics Using R Programming NIET
8 Workshop 1 day 03-Oct-16 Bigdata and Different Security Techniques ST.Martin
9 Workshop ** 3 days 16-July-16 Analytics using R-Programming Language CSI-Hyd
10 FDP 1 day 26-April-16 MapReduce and Hadoop KLU
11 Workshop 1 day 12-April-16 Bigdata and Datawarehousing Nizam College
12 Seminar 2 days 02-April-16 Overview of Bigdata Analytics Avanthi College

Calendar For 2015-16

Slno Program Duration From Date Details Location
1 Convention * 2 days 21-March-16 State Annual Student convention with a theme of Big Data and Cloud computing MLRIT
2 FDP 2 days 18-March-16 Analytics in Supply Chain Management KLU,VJY
3 Convention * 3 days 29-Dec-15 Big Data Analytics and Cloud Computing OU,HYD
4 Convention 1 day 19-Dec-15 ICAI National Convention on Information Technology Baroda
5 Convention 1 day 12-Dec-15 Business Analytics: Insights, Applications, Opportunities GITAM, Vizag
6 INV Talk 1 day 11-Nov-15 Big Data Management , Technologies and Applications GNITC, Hyd
7 Convention 1 day 06-Nov-15 Panelists in for a Big Data knowledge sharing session Business Analytics MVSR, Hyd
8 Workshop 1 day 10-OCT-15 Big Data Analytics - For Chatered Accountants Mumbai
9 INV TALK 1 day 21-July-15 Build the Analytics Capabilities. VVISM, Hyd.
10 Workshop 3 days 09-July-15 Build Data Analytics using R-Programming AIMSCS, HCU
11 KSS 1 day 18-June-15 Role of Quality Professional - Big Data Analytics HYDSPIN
12 INV Talk 1 day 23-May-15 Big Data Analytics, Carrier Opputionities VVISM, VIG
13 INV TALK 1 day 6-Apr-2015 Analyst view of BigData NIIT, Guntur

Calendar For 2014-15

Slno Program Duration From Date Details Location
1 INV TALK 1 day 27-March-15 BigData and its Future. Hyd
2 INV TALK 1 day 25-Feb-15 Big Data technologies and Applications MVSR,HYD
3 FDP 1 day 11-Jan-15 Research Methodologies and Preparation of Research Proposals for BDA CMR,HYD

* Cosponsored by SIG
** Hosted by SIG
FDP: Faculty Development Program
KSS: Knowledge Sharing Session
Inv Talk: Invited Talk